Closys Rinse, Non-Irritating, Un-Flavored, Ultra Sensitive

Un-flavored for ultra sensitive mouths. Gluten-free. A cleaner mouth a healthier you. Non-burning alcohol free. Soothes mouth sores/wounds. Eliminates bad breath. Un-flavored with flavor control. Ultra Sensitive Mouths: Oral care shouldn't hurt to use, that's why CloSYS makes the most gentle non-irritating oral care products on the market. CloSYS for ultra sensitive mouths is the original patented formula that's as gentle as using water because it's unflavored. With flavor control you have the option to add a little flavor for an extra gentle taste without the burn or irritation, so you'll rinse longer for better oral health. Gentle formula; pH balanced; mild flavoring. Promotes healing of mouth sores & minor wounds. Naturally activated. Eliminates bad breath (not a cover-up). CloSYS is gentle but powerful and the first mouth rinse ever awarded the ADA Seal for reducing bad breath, not a cover-up. Alcohol-free. Sulfate Free. Triclosan-free. Gentlest. Oral care. Ever. No.1 best seller recommended by dental professionals. Healthy mouth = healthy body. Our oral health and our overall health are closely related. Unhealthy conditions in the mouth may lead to other health issues on the body. To safeguard your health established a good oral care routine and see your dentist regularly. Why CloSYS? CloSYS helps kill harmful bacteria in the mouth that may spread t other parts of the body. CloSYS helps reduce bacteria that causes plaque w/o killing good bacteria important for healthy mouth. CloSYS is free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals linked to canker sore growth. CloSYS is pH balanced to reduce acid levels in your mouth which are harmful to teeth enamel and increase germ growth. Guarantee: It's simple: If you're not satisfied for any reason we'll refund your purchase - see for details. ADA Accepted: American Dental Association. Best when used with CloSYS toothpaste 2x daily. Made in the USA.