NESTLE Coffee mate Coffee Creamer Hazelnut Flavor 2x1.5L Pump Bottles

Nestle Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha liquid pump bottle features our most popular seasonal flavor, described as creamy chocolate with a kiss of peppermint. Each Coffee-mate pump bottle is 1.5 liters, which is approximately 300 servings/bottle. 1 pump = 1 liquid creamer single serving. Most people put two or three pumps into their cup of coffee. If that is too much or not enough, feel free to adjust to your liking. Ambient, 30-day shelf life after opening. 9-month shelf life before opening. Once attached onto the bottle, the pump neck must be released for the pump to depress and start working. Make sure the pump base where you tighten it is as tight as you can make it. Then release the top by turning it to the left while holding firm the red base on the pump closest to the pump nozzle. The pump neck should pop up. Do not refrigerate. If you do refrigerate the product, the liquid which is inside the pump will start to harden. When the liquid inside the pump hardens, the pump will be difficult to depress. The pump is non-removable once installed to ensure food safety. Coffee-mate is America's #1 coffee creamer, backed by the power of millions of devoted fans. With America's favorite brand of creamer in the home and office, everyone can enjoy coffeehouse indulgence without ever leaving the building. Businesses realize Coffee-mate is a powerful business builder, as studies show customers will visit a location more often if Coffee-mate is offered. Coffee-mate. Preferred by Taste. Preferred by Name. Nestle Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha liquid creamer infuses coffee beverages with the rich and aromatic flavors of peppermint and a touch of chocolate. Available for a limited time during the holiday season 1 liquid concentrate pump = 1 liquid creamer single serving. 1.5L bottle. Approximately 300 servings/bottle Shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed); The pump is non-removable once installed to ensure food safety; Perfect for home, office or foodservice operations