Bloem Hanging Garden System

12 inch (31 cm) x 30 inch (77 cm). 10.8 inch (27 cm). Fits most railings and fences. Self-watering planters reduce how often you need water. Expand your garden to decks and fences. Modular design hangs vertically or horizontally alone or together. Plant selection guide, Below are plants that will grow will in a hanging garden system. Be sure your planned location provides the right amount of sun/shade for plants. Bachelor's button. Basil. Banana Pepper. Brush cucumber. Cabbage. Cherry tomatoes. Chamomile. Chives. Claytonia. Endive. Garlic. Green onion. Grape. Kale. Lemongrass. Leek. Lettuce. Mint. Mustard. Marjaram. Mache. Nasturtium. Oregano. Parsley. Radishes. Radicchio. Sage. Strawberries. Spinach. Swiss chard. Also great for most decorative plants and flowers. System includes components to hang three planters individually or linked together. Soil line: Indicate the ideal soil level. Watering holes: On both sides for easy access for mess-free watering. Snap fit hooks. To quickly and easily link planters. Sturdy steel rods (3) Rust-resistant rods to safety hang planters from rail as well as link together. Stainless-steel fasteners (6): Offer a secure fit to the rail or fence and resist rust. All-weather planter (3) Built to withstand wind and the elements, with UV-additive to help prevent fading (approximately 1 gal each). Self-watering Inserts (3): Create water reservations that keep plants healthy by supplying consistent moisture, preventing plant-killing root rat and preventing planters. (parts shown are needed to hang one planter). 3 Planters. 3 Self-watering inserts. 3 steel Rods. 6 Fasteners. Rods and fasteners. Made in China. Planters and inserts made in USA.